The Hundreds x Reebok Classic 2016

Last year I was honored to be asked by The Hundreds to create the promo photos for their collab with Reebok Classic on 2 pairs of Ventilator sneakers. This year the brands worked together again on a pair of Nylons, and I got to be part of the fun again!

New Work for Obsessions Beauty Bar

I recently got a chance to step outside of my usual product photography to do some traditional beauty photos for local hair studio Obsessions Beauty Bar.

Bell Design Factory - Ray Side Tables

Recently, I got to do some furniture photography for the Miami-based Bell Design Factory. I love working with local clients who are as passionate about what they do as I am, and Cleo Bell is definitely no exception! 


Here we are! New blog, new series!

In my Archive series, I'll be photographing some of the interesting items in my vast collection of toys, clothing, lunchboxes, games and more!  I'm really passionate about ALL the things I collect, and I feel like it's my responsibility to share these items with everyone, instead of just hogging them all to myself in my volcano lair.  Maybe my photos will inspire some of you to start collecting new things.  If it does, I'm sorry, I know how addicting (and expensive) it can be! 

I'm starting off the series with this 2nd Gen NFS (Nigo's Favorite Shop) Tiger hoody by BAPE®!  This color is often overlooked, but I think it's one of the better ones in the original Tiger releases.  Enjoy!